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Perry B. 'Pete' Haynsworth, Jr.

As a business analysis, data management, and project management contractor:

  • Developed all operational procedures & reports and specified the system to acquire for loan accounting and borrower monitoring for the start-up asset-based lending business line of a regional bank
  • Risk assessment of fixed asset systems for a global gaming corporation and for a Middle East country's defense ministry
  • Tabulation/reporting of ‘360-degree’ performance surveys for units of Fortune-500 corporations
  • Acceptance testing and database validation of an acquired $1/2 million Oracle-based risk management system
  • Specification, development, coding  and deployment of an MS-Access-based service-call tracking system
  • Conceived, developed, and programmed a proprietary business planning tool: Sustainable Growth Analysis
  • For the past decade, business analysis directly using XML-structured financial statement data, including closely monitoring the SEC's XBRL-based Interactive Data implementation.

As a business analyst, corporate planner & divisional information officer:

  • Commercial credit analyst/manager at two prominent regional business lending banks
  • Strategic planning and competitive analysis officer for two public companies, completing four strategic planning evolutions
  • Corporate loan portfolio reporting manager, with hands-on command of sophisticated analytics/reporting tools such as IBI-Focus
  • Operations OIC for an asset-based lending business line that included nationally dispersed loan production offices
  • For a super-regional bank's corporate lending division:
    Vice president & project manager - systems implementation & support

Academic:   University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC - BS in Business Administration
United States Navy - Naval Aviator, carrier pilot & war gaming umpire